The thrilling real “escape the room” game now in Catania

“Adventure Rooms”, the thrilling live “escape the room” game, finally arrives in Catania.

Try a firsthand experience like no others before. You will be at the center of the adventure, you’ll have to find clues and overcome unexpected situations. But this is not a computer game, nor a book or a virtual reality. It’s all true, and you’ll be the main character

If you like adventure games on the computer, if you are fond of puzzles, if you like challenges, now is the time to experience it live. As a team, you will rely on your power of observation, your intuition, and your joint efforts, to find the solution to set you free



Where are you? Why are you here ? You have to find the exit, open the door and escape. But it will not be easy


Time will surely run fast and adrenalin will flow through your veins as you try to escape


They are all around you, but it will not be easy to spot them. Look around, do not overlook any detail, think about the possible usage of each object


Join forces, leverage the capabilities of each of you, plan your activities. Think you can do this all alone? Think again as you will have no hope


You and your companions are locked in a prison.  You’re tied to iron bars and cannot move. Who entrapped you there ? It doesn’t matter. Now you have to find a way to free yourself and leave the prison within the 60 minutes at your disposal. But it will not be easy. Many are the obstacles that you will face. You’ll have to solve puzzles, find clues, pass tests of skill, make creative use of strange objects, probably never seen before. And above all you must do it by working together

Are you ready to accept the challenge? So far, few have made it. Will you?


Horror Version

You will have 60 minutes of time to free yourself and escape. But it will not be easy: the Queen has prepared for you a really exciting challenge, where you will have to use 4 of your senses in order to succeed: sight, touch, hearing and smell, you will need them all if you want to solve the puzzles that await you and escape the room. Sharpen your mind but also your senses, and as always collaborate !
Do you accept the challenge of the Queen ?


That old mental clinic had to be abandoned for years, but has instead become a refuge for a young homeless woman. You found her secret, but she have captured you and is not going to let you escape to reveal to the world where she lives. Now you must face an exciting challenge. She has granted 60 minutes to you, what will happen next ? What has her devil mind prepared for you ? You know you are being tested. And you’ll have to face the challenge with insight, logic and courage. If you want to survive !
Note: The game does not present any element of fear.


Standard Game Mode: Your group will face the challenge all together, trying to escape within 60 minutes available

Price per Person - VAT Included
2 Players3 Players4 Players5 Players6 Players
25 €20 €17 €14 €12 €

Duel Mode: Your group will be splitted in two teams who will race one against the other in two manches facing the first and the second part of the adventure.

Price per Person - VAT Included
2+2 Players3+3 Players4+4 Players5+5 Players6+6 Players
17 €12 €11 €10 €9 €

Family and Friends

The game is ideal for a group of friends or a family. Join forces, collaborate and have fun together trying to escape. You can also come in larger groups, creating several teams and fighting among each other!


A unique opportunity to enlight your stay with a fun and exciting experience. Come and play among a visit of a church and an entrance to a museum. Arm yourself with collaboration, spirit of observation and logic, then try to escape!


The innate capacity for collaboration within the group will emerge in the context of the game. The game is ideal for corporate team building events and management training courses.


How long is the game ?

You will have one hour to escape. However please allow 15 minutes before the start of the adventure to read the instructions and have a chat with our “game master”. At the end of the game also allow another 15 minutes to take a picture and to be revealed the solutions of any of the puzzles that you couldn’t solve.

How many can play together ?

The game can accommodate between 2 and 6 players. A single player would not have the time to solve all the puzzles alone, while a group bigger than 6 people would find it difficult to coordinate all the actions. A group of 2 to 6 people will maximize fun and involvement for everyone.
If your party is bigger than 6 then you can create two teams and play the adventure in sequence, challenging yourselves on which team is able to defeat the “room”. Or you can play at the same time two different adventures (where available), which, although containing different puzzles and environments, have the same level of difficulty.

In which language can I play ?

You can play both in italian and english. Our gamemasters speak english and all writings in the game are in both languages.

Which is the minimum age to play ?

The game does not contain elements or situations that may generate fear and is therefore suitable for everyone, including children, who will, however, be accompanied by an adult . We recommend the game to children older than 10, so that they can enjoy the experience and contribute actively.

How can I book ?

We accept online bookings on our website. Select the game you want to attend, select the number of players and complete the booking by paying with paypal or with your credit card.

At what time should we get there ?

Please arrive ten minutes before the scheduled time of your booking. Please don’t arriva late, as we have other games scheduled.

Who is AdventureRooms ?

Adventure Rooms is a swiss company, among the first to offer real “life escape” games in Europe. After the huge success in Berne with the launch of the first game, the company expanded to other locations in Switzerland, Germany and in other European countries, Canada and America. In 2014 Adventure Rooms also landed in Italy. The company relies on a proven franchise model for the opening of new offices.